Planet JGF-13 is an earth-like moon orbiting the planet JGF,in the star system of JB-0

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  • Lyrkkers ("Lur-kers")

Lyrkkers are stealthy,omnivorus creatures. Lykkers are known to make very strange mating calls and strange noises. They usually have very weird lifestyles. Although,they are known to very violent when threatened. Lyrkkers are known to be most agressive during mating season.

  • Jibburs

The Jibburs are medium sized,jumping herbivores. They are known to have very complicated nests and are quite intelligent. Their natural predator is the Lyrkker.

  • Abbimotheirs ("Abb-y-mo-th-eres"

Abbimotheirs are large herbivores and are known to be very protective of their young.

  • Krevpods

Krevpods are small,crab like creatures that live in burrows.

  • Shoveltanks

Shoveltanks are large herbivorus animals with shovel like horns. They are known to be very territorial.

  • Moorioes

Moorioes are white cheeseburger shaped creatures. They have black shells that almost cover their entire body. They also have the ability to spray a white misty substance that causes predators to become disoriented and hallucinate. Moorioes can run very quickly if frightened. 



A desert on its surface.



  • This is the first moon and second article on this wikia.
  • Despite being the second article on the wikia,JGF-13 is scheduled to be the location for the 1st game.
  • Its name and the name of its star and planet are somewhat named after Invader Jib,a friend of the wikia's creator. The "Jibburs" are also named after him.
  • Most creatures on this planet have 5 limbs.
  • Most creatures on this planet have strange,circle shaped mouths filled with teeth,and mandibles near their mouths in some form.
  • Creatures on this moon can grow very large,due to its low gravity.
  • There is a cheeseburger shaped structure on its neighboring moon,JGF-12. It was possibly created by an advanced alien race. Why or how is unknown. The purpose of the structure is unknown as well.
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