Jibburs are small herbivores native to JGF-13. They are known for their high pitching mummbling and squeals. They also are known to jump very high. 


Jibburs resemble rabbits somewhat, having large hind legs and large bucktooth teeth. However that is where their similarities end, they are virtually hairless and have four sets of bucktooth teeth set in each side of the mouth.

In between these giant teeth are small molars used to chew up plants. The jibburs are about the size of a small Earth dog and are extremely frail. Their fifth limb ends in a 3 fingered hand,and is located on their chest. They usually use their 5th limb to grab food or grab onto mates during mating. 

They have 2 pairs of black, small eyes on the sides of their heads. Their vision is quite poor and they rely mostly on scent and hearing. They have very small ears on the back sides of their heads. They have no tails and have stumpy claws on their 4 legs. Jibburs have slit nostrils on the front of their heads.


Jibburs are quite social creatures, living in small groups in intricate burrows. Their burrows are usually home to their intricate nests. The males of the species seem to look for food to bring back to the nests while the females take care of the young. They seem to lay hard shelled eggs and care for their young. Once their young mature they usually replace their older group members. Their groups are usually commanded by the strongest male in the group. The leader tells the group when to migrate to make new nests,etc. The weakest are used to keep watch for predators and alert the group for trouble. 

Jibburs seem to have no natural defenses, however they can somewhat kick predators their size with their backlegs. However this usually just makes the predator angrier. 


Jibburs usually feed on small plants and berries, and the occasional nut. They also tend to often eat small insects. 


The Jibburs mostly reside in the forests and plains of JGF-13, however some live in the deserts. 


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