Krevalids are lightly built predators native to JGF-13. They are known to hunt in packs.


They resemble small,hunchbacked,slender coyotes. They are mostly hairless and have what seems to be exoskeletal-esque features. They have leech-esque mouths that stick out forward(similar to most species on it's planet), filled with sharp teeth. They also have what appears to be skin flaps near their mouths. Krevalids have 2 forward facing eyes and what appears to be large "ears" pointing upward on the sides of their head. Their pupils are usually extremely large, covering most of their eyes. However, when distressed or angry, their pupils will shrink dramatically. Their hairs seem to stand up when threatened or angry. 

They seem to have visible ribs and 4 slender legs ending in 6 claws fingers. A fifth limb is on her chest, ending in one hook-like claw to violently stab prey,they also have a small "finger" under their hook claw that can inject a special venom into their prey. They have a small tough nub at the end of their abdomens, possibly hinting that their ancestors had tails. Also, they have two slit nostrils on each side of their head. 

Most Krevalids have tan or orange skin and, rarely, brown. They are usually about the size of a medium sized dog.


The Krevalids are usually found in the deserts of JGF-13, however some are known to live in mountainous regions. 


The Krevalids are mainly carnivores and scavengers. However they will eat small shrubs if they're desperate enough. 


Krevalids usually live in small groups in hunt in packs. They are known to be quite agressive and territorial, even threatening creatures larger then themselves. 

They do not care for their young, and leave them to care for themselves. Their offspring usually travel together to survive. They reproduce by injecting their eggs into smaller animals similar to parasitoid wasps . They first use a special venom from a stinger on their 5th limb's 2nd finger, the venom causes the victim to become paralyzed for a 20 minutes, allowing them to inject their eggs into them. Later, the venom causes their victims to become incredibly hungry, causing them to eat large amounts of food to feed the developing eggs. 

Eventually the babies burst out of the host, and consume it while still alive. The babies then spend the rest of their childhood with each other to survive. Eventually once they mature, they split up to find other packs. 


  • They have one single gender, unlike most species on their planet. 
  • Their reproduction is based on how the Xenomorphs reproduce from Alien. 
  • They are named after a user named Cravitus
  • They usually live about 17 Earth years.
  • Krevalids can survive for long periods of time without water.  
  • They are known to make high pitched laughing noises, similar to hyenas. 
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