The Kurakura are an advanced race that seemed to have come out of nowhere. They evolved quickly, and soon they got their hands on extremely powerful tech. They seem to have a fascination for experimenting on things, and genetically creating new species aswell.

Appearance Edit

Starting off with their body parts, their head looks similar to another species that is now extinct, "dragons", but not entirely. Speaking of their head, instead of normal eyes, they have stolen tech from the Grox and now have technologically advanced cyborg eyes, which help them analyze objects and life-forms easier, and see data of various other things.

They are almost completely armored, a giant plate on their chest, a giant machine on their back (purpose is to heal them), pads on their legs and arms, and spikes as shoulder pads. Their color scheme consists of mostly gray, but other colors can be seen on them (red on the cyborg eyes, white and black obviously).

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